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About us

The Time Traders follow my trades Positive Cash Flow Income brings to clients a trading strategy that is designed to return a regular "Income" as the name suggests. Unlike the Growth system " Time In The Market Not Timing The Market " which seeks to profit from fluctuating share prices, the Positive Income Trading Strategy is designed to generate regular returns using advanced techniques such as Options and market timing analysis with " Timing The Market Not Time In The Market "

Trading predominately in Australia's top 50 listed companies (ASX50) the Positive Cash Flow Income system requires a larger capital base than that of the Growth trading system. Due to this, the Positive Cash Flow Income better suits investors with larger capital bases; capital protection is high on the priority list with the Income Strategy. The returns generated by the Income Strategy are designed to help to substitute income derived from everyday work or retiree wish to supplement extra income.

Sam is a professional trader and ex-financial planner who have been actively involved in the markets for over 2 decades.

He has specialised in derivatives, SMSF and financial planning for over a decades and has worked for some of Australia’s leading institutions including Westpac and AXA.
An experienced Financial Planner for over decades, including 16 years of service and an impressive track record with Westpac:

  1. In 1994, Sam was named "Top 10 Advisor" for Westpac Banking Corporation nationwide
  2. In 1996, Sam was "Qualified Financial Planner for Westpac national conference."
  3. In 1998, Sam was "Qualified Financial Planner for Westpac national conference."

Sam aims to return approxmately between 1% - 2% on your capital amount each month. This rate of return " is not guaranteed "For simplicity and complete transparency trading occurs live on Website to follow have a range of attractive advantages over other investment structures like managed funds including full transparency of trades executed. For additional protection funds are held in your own trading account and share holdings are registered with CHESS.